Nerve – 6

I was actually waiting for this movie. You can call it a bit of a guilty pleasure – more because Dave Franco was in it and he wasn’t doing comedy. I wasn’t really expecting the ending either… until moments before it happened. And that’s where I kind of lost interest in the whole thing (was…

Boys 24

I don’t know much about this band…but after seeing their dancing? I don’t want to see anything else… the dancing is so… artsy? Weird? DIfferent? Maybe people like this stuff. As for me, not so much.


James Reid

Absolutely love the guy and whaddya know? He’s kinda cute. Acts, sings, and dances? Sure he reminds us of a little (not as well known) Justin Beiber but he’s fun to watch. He’s had a few movies out but the newest drama: On the Wings of Love was pretty romantic. Beware, James Reid as well…


Movies I’ve Missed

I”m not going to sit here and backtrack every movie that I haven’t reviewed since I’ve been absent. Why? Because that’s a tedious task and I don’t want to do it. The real reason is because I can’t remember most of them which usually means that a good chunk were absolutely terrible. It’s not that…



Wow. Just wow. I understand why Leo got the oscar but you have to see the movie to believe it. I won’t ruin any part of it for you. But I will say this: if you’re a light hearted person or can barely stand someone talking about what happened when they got that awesome scar…

star wars


Teenage angst. Seriously, that’s all I got out of this movie. I know I’m going to get some flack for saying that. Because apparently everyone else seemed to love the movie. For me? I wasn’t expecting much and that’s kind of what I got. As far as strong heroines go, she seemed more like a kid.…